New: Iceage - "The Lord's Favorite"

A new, country-punk banger from possibly the last band we suspected would go country-punk.

I might have mentioned this before on this blog, but my #1 life goal of all time ever is definitely to be the music supervisor for an HBO miniseries adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian. Considering my favorite genre of music is probably "loud evil shit," there is no one living who would be better at this job than me. I'm always filled with joy when I hear a new song that I can add to my epic arsenal of Blood Meridian-y jams, namely I'm pretty excited about "The Lord's Favorite," a new and apparently unattached song from everyone's favorite Danish punk band Iceage. Yep - a rollicking, desert-storming country-punk song from the last band I bet you ever thought would go country-punk. It works; it sounds like a lost Gun Club track, except Elias Ronnenfelt manages to keep his pissed-off, raspy baritone intact. Check out the song via its video below.