Video: Kool A.D. X Toro Y Moi X Amaze 88, "The Front"

Watch the unlikely trio change tires and drive around in a Honda Civic

It took a couple of mixtapes for Kool A.D. to really find his groove after Das Racist broke up, but with Word O.K., the Bay Area rapper has truly come to form (see: "I'm On A Plane"). One of the tape's most intriguing cuts is "The Front," which features prolific indie wunderkid Chaz Bundick a.k.a. Toro Y Moi and producer/rapper Amaze 88. Now, the Tribe Called Quest-like track has an accompanying music video, which finds the three driving around - you can tell that Kool is modest, as he drives a Honda, but takes photos by a Chevy Camaro - fixing a flat tire, and straight chilling out. You know, your typical rap video. Watch: