Video: Lil B, "Katy Perry"

Looks like Lil B and Katy Perry are going to the prom together

Lil B has an affinity for certain celebrities. He lets them know about his fondness for them, naturally, by naming songs after them, whether they be Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, or Mel Gibson. Can't say I agree with him regarding the last one. Recently, the eccentric, prolific M.C. has been engaged in a tweet convo with one Katy Perry, since he released his latest song and music video named after her.

After Perry saw the video, she tweeted "Before I lay my jet-lagged head down to sleep let me leave u w/a lovely #rare lullaby I came across today #taskforce." She then proceeded to ask Lil B to be her prom date (guess she's going back to high school?) "@katyperry i feel like its highschool again katy and i missed my prom so it wud mean alot, thank you love u have a good day - Lil B," he responded.

Throughout the song itself - which is classic Lil B - he repeats over and over again "call me Katy Perry." The video shows him surrounded by some hoochie-looking white broads (Katy Perry is nowhere to be seen in sight) at a concert where he is performing. The YouTube description (the video's racked up close to 100k views in the 24 hours it's been online) reads: "KATY BOO I LOVE YOU!!!!!! KEEP DOING YO THANG GIRL i got your back, ALSO FOR ANY OTHER FAKERS.....STOP LEECHING OFF LIL B AND USING HIS NAME FOR FILTH, YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN."

There's a reason why The New Yorker has called B the strangest rapper alive.