Video: M.I.A. - VICKI LEEKX Part 1


After receiving several harsh reviews concerning her third proper, MAYA, M.I.A. is seemingly riding the coattails of her widely received VICKI LEEKX mixtape. The political activist/singer/songwriter has just released a ten minute clip entitled “VICKI LEEKX Part 1” that features the first six songs on the tape, including the exotic dance cut “Let Me Hump You.”

M.I.A. has made her contempt for virtual media and journalism aware before; here, she messes around with website browsers and displays a rapidly spinning globe, she shows large crowds trying to get close to her, and focuses on Middle Eastern villages being scoped through the lens of, most likely, an American, eventual explosions arising as you hear her spitting “we can take over your nation.” After the politically charged “Born Free,” we've come to expect nothing less from the bombshell.