Video: Peaking Lights - "Breakdown"

If you need to break free from technology, this might motivate you.
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peaking lights breakdown

Here's Peaking Lights' new video for their lead Cosmic Logic single "Breakdown," and it might force you to confront some of your worst habits. I definitely sleep with my phone and when my alarm goes off it does indeed feel like a giant person-sized entity hitting me in the face. You may have a problem with perusing instagram while on the toilet, taking endless breakfast selfies, tweeting about a technology-induced car accident immediately after the fact, or checking Tinder while on a picnic date with a cool person. It's a funny clip, but also pretty astute, and Indra Dunis's sweetly intoned chorus of "break free" might help motivate you to put it aside for a bit. Bonus: keep an eye out for the actual Peaking Lights as costars. Check it out - Cosmic Logic is out October 7th.