Video: PicturePlane, "Self Control"

Watch the first we've seen from the electronic producer in a while

Whoever wrote the description for PicturePlane's new video made blogging about it pretty easy:

Co-directed by Pictureplane and Shomi Patwary, "Self Control" is a cyberpunk odyssey set in a dystopian near future New York. Technology, sex, and danger all play a role in "Self Control's" world, with special bappearances from many figures of the NYC underground. Hack the planet!

Straight up. The song/video is the first we've heard from the New York-via-Denver producer otherwise known as Travis Egedy in a few years. Featuring vocals from Los Angeles singer Grace Hall, it's a fuzzy, blissful raver, with those signature PicturePlane hip hop beats as the foundation. The video, per the description, is pretty trippy, and directed by Shomi Patway (whose worked on videos for both A$AP Rocky and Beyoncé). It's good to know that raves continue to dominate in the future and that they'll still take place in run down warehouses. Watch the video for "Self Control" below. As of right now, no word on a new album.