Video Premiere: Gazelle Twin - "Guts"

Your daily dose of aural sci-fi horror, courtesy the rising British composer.
gazelle twin guts

What do you expect from a song called "Guts" - it probably depends on your background in horror-movie viewing, but I'm not surprised by the British composer Gazelle Twin's interpretation, a three-minute weirdo pop-noise hybrid whose shuffling, scattered beat and demonic array of pitch-shifted samples kind of feels like plunging your hands into some post-singularity computerized robot guts. Yes, that is a loving compliment; the song's as utterly fascinating and compellingly relistenable as it is kind of scary. We're psyched to premiere its video, shot in a half hour via GoPro, iPhone 5, and DLSR, Blair Witch-style. "Guts" is our first taste of Gazelle Twin'sUNFLESH, out September 22nd, ie. with plenty of time for you to crank every jam at your halloween party. Check out the video below.