Video: Savages - "Husbands"


When I first saw Savages, they closed with their debut single (and still one of their finest songs) "Husbands," at the end of which singer Jehnny Beth repeats the song's title over and over again in a progressively higher, more frantic voice until the whole thing gets snatched away from her. I had not heard the song before and thought she was saying "ask me once," like a dare. Turns out I was completely wrong about the lyric, but not wrong about the dare - on Silence Yourself, their debut record, the quartet of women deal confrontationally with sex, violence, death, all those other assorted aspects of the human tragicomedy, daring their listener to challenge them. "Husbands," as Savages' first challenge, remains one of their strongest, and now it has a black-and-white, rapid-fire video that perfectly captures just what makes the band so compelling and so in-your-face. Spoiler alert - you might not want to watch if you're grossed out by bugs. Check it out.