Video: Shabazz Palaces - "#CAKE"

Making another case for giant invasion as the apocalyptic theory du jour.
shabazz palaces cake

Based on some prominent 2014 music videos, we think we've uncovered a pretty serious apocalyptic fear that no one wants to talk about - invasion by giants. Maybe it's just the fact that someone chose this year to make a new Godzilla movie starring Bryan Cranston, but first Spoon's "Do You" clip and now Shabazz Palaces' "#CAKE" video, directed by Hiro Murai, force us to consider the question - what if there were things way bigger than us? What if, in fact, they were giant nude women? And/or Shabazz Palaces' Ishmael Butler's giant disembodied head preaching wisdom from a once-ornate, abandoned theater (okay, that might be kind of awesome)? Whatever you take from it, "#CAKE" is a great clip, creepy, futuristic, lush, and gorgeous, like Shabazz Palaces' best songs. Check it out.