Video: Sisyphus (Sufjan Stevens, Sun Lux, and Serengeti), "Take Me"

The latest video from Sufjan and co showcases him surrounded by half-naked dancers

Sufjan Stevens' Sisyphus project, where he is joined with Son Lux and Serengeti, sounds suspiciously similar to the last album Stevens' released, the Age of Adz. As mentioned on our review of Sisyphus, "The production is stellar and the creativity on display is frequently impressive."

Such creativity has also been displayed through their visual interpretations of the songs, whether with "Booty Call," "Alcohol," or their latest: "Take Me."

With the latter, the visuals offer dark, blackened moments where you can see Sufjan, sometimes with his baseball cap, and sometimes without, surrounded by euphoric male and female dancers who aren't wearing much clothing. Unfortunately for you ladies, Sufjan is fully dressed. The sensual, celestial video accompanies the song quite candidly, actually. When I first heard it when they released the self-titled Sisyphus back in March, I had pictured shadows and half-naked dancers moving their bodies ever so slowly.