Video: Spank Rock, "Gully"

Watch a somewhat NSFW video of a topless white dude on a night out in New York

It's been a minute since the unorthodox dance rapper Spank Rock has released a single, but he finally put out a new track the other day with "Gully," and we've now got a whirlwind of a music video to accompany it. Throughout the visuals we find a topless white dude dancing to the beats, snorting what I presume is coke, and hanging out with girls I can only assume are strippers...or escorts. It's all pretty grimy and in line with what you're listening to. Spank Rock doesn't seem to appear in the video, directed by Sean Maung, but he does certainly demonstrate that his music is fitting for New York's shady underbelly. Check it out below. Gully, the single, is out now via Bad Blood and Boysnoize.