Video: The Black Keys, "Weight of Love"

Remember when Dan Aurebach played a sleazy preacher in "Fever"? Well, he actually has swarms of topless female followers

It seems that The Black Keys had more in mind than originally met the eye regarding their video for "Fever," one of the hit singles from their recently released Turn Blue. As it so has it, the clip (directed by Theo Wenner) was apparently the prequel to the new music video for "Weight of Love," the band's seven-minute-plus rock ballad. As the visuals attest, Dan Auerbach's sleazy evangelical preacher actually has swarms of followers, to be precise, a group of young women who engage in prayer circles and other such religious exercises while topless. Wenner returns to direct, in a video that also features supermodel Lara Stone. Watch it below, #NSFW.