Washed Out - "Eyes Be Closed" (Guardian Session)

Washed Out

Glo-fi gurus (just kidding) Washed Out have been causing a bit of a stir, getting favorable reviews for their debut full length Within And Without, and just recently stopping by Guardian Studios in the U.K. to perform a version of “Eyes Be Closed” that is quite contrastive of its studio counterpart.

Rather than the repetitive synths, ferocious sampling and the hazy synth pop (techniques that are collectively referred to as chillwave, to many's annoyance) that Washed Out are so keen on perpetuating, their live performance of it here is considerably slower, their performance more laid back and light-hearted, Ernest Greene's vocals a bit more passive. Greene gives a bit of an introduction/interview first; view it below:

Washed Out - "Eyes Be Closed" (Guardian Session)

Find the album version below.

Washed Out - "Eyes Be Closed" (MP3)

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