Watch Chance the Rapper Cover the Arthur Theme Song

Watch Chance perform his version of the beloved PBS kid's show

No point in being coy about it - we all watched PBS growing up. As such, we've all hung out with Arthur, Buster, Muffy, Francine and the rest of the gang on Arthur, the animated kid's program. After all, with over 200 episodes (if you didn't know, it's actually still on the air) it's the longest-running PBS show of all time, with a wonderful, positive theme song that always leaves me with a warm fuzzy. And you know who else indisputably loves optimism? Chance the Rapper. So then it shouldn't surprise you, that of all the kid's TV shows, Chance would decide to cover that of Arthur's at last week's Sasquatch! Music Festival. And wouldn't you know it, footage of the performance has just appeared online, check it below.

Fun fact: Chance isn't the first rapper to rap about kid's cartoons.