Watch Full Shins Concert featuring New Songs and Classics

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Proprietors of good taste, the good people of NPR are currently streaming a full concert from The Shins, featuring many new songs from the band's upcoming Port of Morrow album. James Mercer and company, of course, also play their classics from our youth, including "Caring Is Creepy," "New Slang" and "Kissing the Lipless." Watch it below, and remember: Port of Morrow is out March 20.

“Kissing The Lipless”
“Caring Is Creepy”
“Simple Song”
“Bait And Switch”
“Saint Simon”
“It’s Only Life”
“New Slang”
“The Rifle’s Spiral”
“No Way Down”
“Phantom Limb”
“One By One All Day”
“Port Of Morrow"