Watch Mac DeMarco's full set at Pitchfork Music Festival Paris


Are you having a bad day? Well, now you're not: Pitchfork's just posted video of Mac DeMarco's whole set from their Parisian music festival earlier this month, and if you have a pulse it's guaranteed to put a smile on your face and tears of laughter in your eyes. Featuring still-my-favorite DeMarco jam, "I'm a Man," as well as the unbelievably awesome covers medley he and the boys have been touring of late, starring a mildly edited version of "Taking Care of Business" which incites an adorable moshpit, alongside the Beatles' "Blackbird" sung by bassist Pierce, and Mac's awesome impression of the Police's "Message in a Bottle." The video not only goes to show that these guys have an incredible collective sense of humor, but that they're also super talented musicians. Check it out.