Watch Panda Bear's "Tropic of Cancer" Video

panda bear-min

Panda Bear's Animal Collective bro Avey Tare directs this adorable-creepy video for PBVSGR highlight and one of the year's best songs, "Tropic of Cancer".

Here's Tare on collaborating with Panda Bear on this video:

It's always been in the spirit of Animal Collective to want to collaborate in many artistic ways with each other. Having been a fan of Noah's music since we were teenagers, it's sweet to finally be able to collaborate with him on something other than just making sounds and songs. I also am thankful to get my first shot at making something a little more long running in the visual/video world. This is one of my favorite songs on the record, hence my being involved with it. I'm grateful and excited to have worked on every moment of it and to have worked with all the sweet people who helped me put it together.

Watch below: