WATCH: Sleigh Bells - "Riot Rhythm"



Sleigh Bells have released a brilliantly directed, hilarious music video for their new single “Riot Rhythm.” (Apparently this is a fan made video). Thanks to a crew of unique characters (the master, the pupil, the villain, evil cheerleaders 1 & 2), and an inspirational story that involves wizardry, a dancing in the rain sequence, and the eventual triumph over the evil antagonist (who happens to have an awesome 'stash and eyepatch), this video is assuredly one of the funnest this year has seen.

Apropos to the feeling “Riot Rhythm” establishes, it appropriately sums up that unique Sleigh Bells sound when the words “Human vs Computer” appear on the dingy computer screen. The song itself offers the fluid brand of noise pop the Brooklyn duo have become noticed for, mending Alexis Krauss' computerized vocals with M.I.A. style distortion, heavy guitar riffs and marching band percussion. Like its visual counterpart, “Riot Rhythm” is an uplifting, jovial tale, urging you to march! And keep fighting.