Yuck - "Get Away" Video


Yuck are one of the biggest buzz bands of the year, and their self-titled debut for Fat Possum lives up to the hype, and then some. Their songs are of a 90s college rock sort, garnering ample comparisons to Dinosaur Jr., but they also have plenty of warm, acoustic heavy rock ballads. “Get Away” is of the former, a guitar amplified anthem that finds frontman Daniel Blumberg's vocals smothered in distortion, but not to the point where you can't drunkenly sing along. The London based outfit has just dropped a video for the song, following Blumberg, Max Bloom – who sports a wicked afro – and co as they travel in a large white van across the country and find a hot hitchhiker who wants to go anywhere, somewhere, she just wants to get away. Eventually they pick her up, it gets kinda steamy from there.